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September 2019

The North Queensland WTM Centre sends a huge congratulations to Angela Ryan on opening a new WTM Centre in Ballarat, Victoria! A lawyer who previously completed a Bachelor of Science in Rehabilitation and Human Services from Penn State University in the United States (where she was born and raised), Angela has always sought to understand the REAL answers about human behaviour, and so was incredibly excited to come across this information that actually makes sense of the world we live in; as she said: ‘I am so glad that I am alive today to witness this monumental moment in our Earth’s history, where everyone in the world will soon begin to understand the dignifying and redeeming biological truth about us humans!’ Visit to learn more about Angela and the new Centre.

Angela Ryan launch video for the World Transformation Movement Ballarat Centre

August 2019

The WTM recently hosted a wonderfully exciting Global Transformation Meeting. The highlights are in the video below, including a beautiful comment from Joseph on the overwhelming excitement and extraordinary fellowship this information brings about!! You can also watch the all of the August meeting here.