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The breakthrough explanation of the human condition put forward by Australian biologist Jeremy Griffith and the World Transformation Movement has transformed my life and I hope I can help those in Far North Queensland also discover the transformative effects of this scientific solution to our species’ contradictory behaviour.

My name is Joseph Ahie, I was born in New Zealand, moved to Australia when I was 18 and I have lived in Cairns for the past 22 years. I’ve always searched for answers to the great questions of life and so when I came across Jeremy’s book FREEDOM: The End Of The Human Condition I could tell this was a book to treat seriously and with the respect great insights demand.

Joseph Ahie emigrated from New Zealand to Australia while in his teens. He has since travelled extensively in Australia and currently works in the Queensland hospitality and tourism industry. Joseph established the WTM North Queensland Centre in 2019.

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The Great Questions Answered

The World Transformation Movement (WTM) is a non-profit organisation established in 1983 to develop and promote enquiry into the human condition. The WTM is a scientific pursuit that makes freely available all books, videos, essays and podcasts and requests no money of anyone, and has not done so since it was first established.

View of mountains, lower tablelands and ocean from Cairns lookout - World Transformation Movement North Queensland image

Once I came to the realisation that this really is the great breakthrough the human race has needed for the psychological rehabilitation of our species, I wanted to open a WTM Centre in beautiful, sunny North Queensland to help the WTM disseminate these critically important ideas to the world.

Jeremy Griffith's biological insights break open the biggest of mysteries — the reconciliation of the sexes, racial prejudice and the reason and fulfilment of religion, to name a few. From the onset, and as you journey with this biological explanation of the human condition, you can sense the dedication and research invested in putting together this massive paradigm shift of life-saving honesty.

So, if you love as I do, questioning, seeking deeper understanding as to ‘why is it so’, life, humankind, the behaviour, the madness, how on one hand there are great moments of kindness, on the other despicable events of cruelty, and is it the nature of the beast, and what is the human condition, then I have no doubt you will find, as I did, that these biological insights are nothing short of amazing!

Be prepared to be thrilled, confronted, at times mystified and awed in wonder. This transformation is for everyone. As Sir Bob Geldof said at the Royal Geographical Society in London at the launch of FREEDOM: The End Of The Human Condition, “we need it [FREEDOM] to be read and talked about and understood”.

Learn about Jeremy Griffith's insights into the human condition...

Freedom: End of the Human Condition book cover available from the World Transformation Movement

If you are new to this explanation of the human condition then it’s imperative that you first learn about the key biological insights. The main World Transformation Movement website is where you’ll find all the free videos, books, essays and podcasts so I recommend you start there. Or you can start with FREEDOM as I did by downloading if for free here.

As I’ve mentioned, this is a paradigm shift and the experience for me has included feelings of great relief, excitement and utter joy and also confrontation, so I urge you to get in touch with me if you need further clarification, or if you think my personal experience may help you, or you just want to talk about the information – that is what this is all about and I’d love to hear from you!

MUST, MUST WATCH: Craig Conway, the acclaimed British actor, writer, producer and broadcaster — and the founder of WTM North East England Centre — has brought all his skills to bear to produce the ideal introduction to Jeremy Griffith’s explanation of the human condition in this absolutely astonishing, world-changing and world-saving interview with Jeremy. It’s called ‘THE’ Interview because in it Jeremy gives such a concise and accessible summary of his world-saving explanation of the human condition that it’s nothing less than the most important interview of all time!

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News from WTM North Queensland

May 2022

Ecstatic responses displayed on the WTM homepage

As I mentioned in my last post, the comments we are receiving – daily no less!! - for THE Interview are phenomenal! Don’t just take my word for it! Have a read of these ecstatic responses – on the slider on our homepage - from people around the world who have watched THE Interview That ‘Solves The Human Condition And Saves The World’. A must watch indeed. We’d love you to help by making your own appreciative comment at www.HumanCondition.com.

‘This is the most exciting moment in my life. THE Interview tore my hat off & let my brain fly into the sky!’

THE Interview should be globally broadcast daily. The healing explanation humans so sorely need.’

‘It was no mistake that I stumbled upon your video/interview… I have been so down about humans in general lately, even hating the fact that I am one because all I could see was that we are sick… mentally, emotionally, physically & spiritually. Especially in America … THANK YOU SO MUCH for giving my heart HOPE once again for humanity! I am sharing this video with EVERYONE! You are a new ray of light in my heart…. thank you SO MUCH 🙏🙏🙏’

‘Wow I had a light bulb moment!’

‘Thought this was really interesting. Gives me something to think about.’

‘Amazing. I am thankful I was able to find it, divine timing. I believe in this hundred percent. I love beautiful knowledge and the amazing good energy from this video. I am so thankful that you are so consciously aware that someone is helping humanity. Your true purpose, thanks again, love and light. All is well .😌’

‘An excellent author, great interview and a fundamental subject to our survival and proliferation. Thanks Jeremy!’

‘Thank you. Your explanation finally gave me understanding why my loving parents deliberately didn’t nurture me as a child. Which I partially copied, believing that this was loving parenting.’

‘Thank you. So needed right now. Hopeful for the future of mankind.’

‘Very worthy contender, it certainly provides the necessary insight for change, especially in this current climate of human despair.’

‘THANK YOU SO MUCH for giving my heart HOPE again for humanity! I’m sharing this with EVERYONE! You’re new ray of light.’

‘The bricks in the puzzle fell into place. Showed the picture and broadcast the story. There’s hope in this knowledge.’

‘I loved this interview. Much knowledge loaded on my laptop little head!’

‘The only way’

‘We CAN END the conscious, mind-based psychosis of our current human condition! What a truly HOPEFUL statement that is!’

‘A Must Watch. The interview that solves the human condition. It’s amazing to go deeper than just oneself.’

‘What I have always known in a way but never understood. Amazing. Thank you for joining the dockets. It is all now so clear.’

‘This is brilliant.’

‘I appreciate the paradigm shift. Instinct vs intellect reveals our true purpose and how we heal ourselves and our world’

‘So fascinating….Some of it was very deep… but I did understand most of it. A real eye-opening context to how us humans live & act out our lives. Very interesting interview. A lot better than some things that are shown on Fb. I really enjoyed reading this. Thank You.’

‘I’ve been around this information for more than 25 years and this interview by Craig Conway and Jeremy Griffith is just the cleanest, purest, easily accessible and succinct presentation I’ve ever seen of Jeremy’s world-saving explanation of the human condition. And it is world-saving, well it’s saved my life many times over, I just can’t even imagine where I’d be if I hadn’t come across this understanding of us humans. This interview is rightly called THE interview because there’s never been a true understanding of the human condition before, and never been such a succinct presentation of the understanding. I really think this is going to be a game-changer for the human race because, as Craig says in the interview, the world can’t cope with any more upset behaviour, and this interview should go viral it’s so clean and straight forward to follow.

‘Just share this interview and help this real love go viral, please, please, please!!’

March 2022

Joseph holding a copy of the book 'THE Interview' with palm trees lit up by lights in background

Travelling for work I always carry with me a WTM publication. Lately I have been taking the booklet of THE Interview that Solves the Human condition and Saves the World! I can access the video/audio/transcript online via my phone but sometimes I enjoy the hardcopy.

The actual video of THE Interview is a must watch, and in my next blog, I will show you just some of the comments it has been receiving – you can visit this page in the meantime at www.humancondition.com/the-interview/#transcript - it’s phenomenal!

But in this post I wanted to share the deeply appreciative testimonial of the person who interviews Jeremy, Craig Conway. Craig started the WTM North East England Centre. The video can be watched on YouTube or on the Centre home page at www.wtmnortheastengland.com.

I’ve included a small passage from Craigs video here:

"…as I persevered with the book and allowed myself to sit with the words, the thoughts, the understanding, the education within the pages of FREEDOM, I found myself feeling really comforted and very excited and also just truly enlightened as to what could be possible. And what could be possible is that the world and everybody in it could at last be saved and we could go forward and use everything we now know, all of our knowledge, all of our technology, to live, enhance, provide and support our race, our species and ourselves, together in a harmonious, loving and nurturing way. And that is what our true instincts are, that is what we’ve been missing for so long and that is what is dividing us, this lack of understanding and Jeremy has brought this gift to all of us to share and to understand."

What a wonderful video from an honest man. If I ever travel to the north east of England, I hope to catch up with him for a pint. Cheers mate!

January 2022

A great informative tool on the World Transformation Movement website is the FAQ section. I use it a lot to refresh my memory (break down my denial of the human condition) and reconnect with the world saving information. Information that will ameliorate the human condition and bring about a truly cooperative world.

It is also helpful for pointing out to people I talk to, that often have specific questions about subjects regarding the human condition or that they’d like to know more about the history of the WTM or what the WTM does.

Here is the FAQ Table of Contents so you get an idea:

1.About the Human Condition and its resolution

2.About Biologist Jeremy Griffith

3.About the World Transformation Movement

4.About the Transformed State

5.The Great Scientific Questions

6.About Religion and the New Age Movement

7.About Politics

8.About Men & Women

9.About Racism

The space is constantly refined and updated with new FAQ’s that are always relevant, always mind blowing about the truth of our/the human situation. I encourage everyone to link into the humancondition.com website and in particular the FAQ section to help with their own reconciling understanding of the human condition.

And as always feel free to contact me through the WTM NQ site if you want to chat about anything to do with this amazing information. All the best for 2022.

Illustration showing people with arms outstretched walking towards the sun'

November 2021

I have been reading recently from Jeremy’s early writings Free: The End Of The Human Condition, a book that was first published in 1988. I cannot help but wish that I had come across Jeremys work back then. This regret is short-lived though with the excitement of knowing how fortunate we all are to be alive now when the truth of our situation has been revealed and we are all moving forward with the World Transformation Movement and the human condition ended. Here is just one great snippet from the aforementioned book.

'We have to appreciate that at the beginning of the homeward journey all that will be different in terms of what has happened to us is that we will be facing towards home instead of away from home. We have, finally, changed direction. Rehabilitation of our upset is now possible whereas before it was not. Yesterday we were exhausted and becoming more so. Today we are still exhausted but becoming less so. While initially all we have done is change direction it will make a big difference to our lives. Instead of deteriorating our situation will begin to improve. Our mind will take time to absorb the answers, unravel the confusions and upsets and heal itself. This cannot happen suddenly but great changes will take place, even in one lifetime. Our personalities are the expression of our various confusions and upsets; they won’t change overnight. However one day after about a year of living with the explanations each of us will look back and suddenly see that we have changed a great deal. A lot of upsets will have died down and even vanished. We will see how we have been rehabilitating or healing. This process is not an abandonment of our mind’s worries, our upset self, but an acknowledgement and understanding of the pain that we incurred and the reasons for it, which dissolves the pain/upset.'

Jeremy Griffith's drawing of a man jumping for joy with text 'Free At Last'

Free At Last drawing from FREEDOM: The End of The Human Condition, by Jeremy Griffith

September 2021

This was such a good post from Angela Ryan (WTM Ballarat) that I thought I’d share it here:

I really love contemplating Jeremy Griffith’s many drawings. This one particularly came to mind when I was reading Chapter 7:3 where Jeremy talks about all these exceptionally creative people who recognized that child-like honesty is where our real triumph can be found. In a few examples, Jeremy describes how one of the most accomplished artists of all time, Pablo Picasso, famously said about his struggle to paint well that ‘It’s taken me a lifetime to learn to paint like a child’ and the poet Charles Baudelaire similarly wrote that ‘genius is no more than childhood recaptured at will’.

Jeremy also mentioned this quote by R.D. Laing: ‘to adapt to this world the child abdicates its ecstasy’ in relation to our alienated condition. After reading this, I immediately thought of the beautiful and compassionate ‘Arise Sir Child’ drawing. To me, it perfectly shows how our inner child had to be so courageous to give up soul in order to find truth and understanding in this 2-million year journey, and how we can all rightfully begin to heal now that the journey is completed! How wonderful it is for us to finally begin to heal and for all the future children who will no longer ever need to ‘abdicate’ their awe, wonder and enthrallment with life now that the human condition is solved!

Jeremy Griffith's drawing of a child being knighted for exhibiting phenomenal courage

Jeremy Griffith's drawing of a child being knighted for all the phenomenal courage children have exhibited growing up in the soul-destroying, artificial and silent world of adults - as described in Freedom: Expanded Book 1, Part 6:4 .

July 2021

Professor Harry Prosen’s introduction to FREEDOM is an expert's understanding of Jeremy’s work and a personal insight into the author's life giving the reader a feel for the authenticity of what they’re about to discover. I found after reading the Professor's compelling entry to FREEDOM a number of times the introduction is in itself an excellent tool to connect with the truth of the information. I would highly encourage everyone to read so to experience the joyful understanding of what is contained in the book FREEDOM.

From the Professor’s humble opening sentence of the power to Jeremy’s discovery - ‘The truth is I am inadequate to write this Introduction, but everyone is, so I will do my best.’ - to one of his own powerful profound and true statements ‘Yes, this is the book we have been waiting for — the book that saves the world.’ I was intrigued to discover more of how the human condition was solved and how by supporting the World Transformation Movement all this would be brought to fruition. Read more background on Professor Harry Prosen.

Jeremy Griffith and Professor Prosen in front of the Bonobo enclosure at the Milwaukee County Zoo

May 2021

I was guiding in Uluru recently and the best part is I was able to spark up a conversation about the WTM and the information with another guide out here. He had seen one of the ads on FB so a seed was planted and was open and interested to talk about the human condition. He now has the booklet of THE Interview so let’s see. With this information this is the best life and we are all a massive part of it now. Connecting with others in all the different ways to help build the new world. Doing the work of the conduit generation with love and understanding.

Best wishes to all, Joseph

  • Joseph Ahie holding the boook of THE Interview in open flat desert country in Central Australia
  • FREEDOM in front of Uluru

March 2021

Illusntration of Humanity's Journey from Ignorance to Enlightenment

Humanity's Journey from Ignorance to Enlightenment by Jeremy Griffith

I like to carry this picture of Jeremy’s to remind myself of the macro experience we have lived and are living through individually and as a species together. [Read the full story of humanity’s journey from ignorance to enlightenment in chapter 8 of FREEDOM.] Once I read and grasped some meaning of our human condition; the summary of humanity’s journey from ignorance to enlightenment (which this sketch is) always helps me remember where we came from, where we are and where we are going. The information that the World Transformation Movement supports is a comprehensive reference to this journey. And to illustrate further, this quote is from WTM member John Biggs in his affirmation of the transformed lifeforce state: ‘Where we are now, is at the threshold of the ‘Adulthood’ part of that diagram. We are the little person sitting up on the hill — holding this long sought after understanding of the human condition in our hands — and trying to deal with the shock of the change. For 2 million years we have lived in a world where there hasn’t been any real understanding of the human condition and we are trying to adapt from having no understanding to being drenched in the magnificent, compassionate, dignifying truth about our condition. It’s this World In Sunshine on the right hand side that is now possible that’s so exciting.’

January 2021

The pioneering work of the World Transformation Movement

I have always enjoyed pioneering stories from around world, Australia and especially ones from close to home here in North Queensland. The tellings of hardship and exploration by the early pathfinders, crossing wild country, in search of gold and adventure. I am always inspired by their perseverance and resolve to tackle the obstacles that barred the way forward.

Here are some great quotes about the pioneering work of the World Transformation Movement.

‘The study of the human condition is at the cutting edge of science.’

‘Pioneering a new frontier has always been a challenge because initially there is little support for something new – well, if it’s new then by definition it is yet to gain popularity – but don’t forget that the life of a pioneer has always been the most exciting life.’

‘Change is difficult, but that is also the marvellous challenge–to be a pioneer, to set out for a fabulous new world.’ (WTM Blog Welcome)

Day by day more and more pioneers are arriving to help pave the way forward. I can only encourage everyone to look at the exciting world saving information for themselves.

WTM members

November 2020

WTM members Connor FitzGerald and Joseph Ahie with FREEDOM in north Qld

WTM members Connor FitzGerald and Joseph Ahie with FREEDOM in North Qld

One of the conversations I had with my friends from Sydney (see September news post) was how by staying connected to the truth of this information eventually a realisation that letting go old habituated ways of coping with living under the duress of the human condition can and will happen, and that supporting the new understanding of who we really are is in tune with the natural law of Integrative Meaning. This is supported all throughout Jeremy’s work. Here is a favourite passage I often refer too from the booklet Transform Your Life And Save The World:

‘The big question that remains then, is how is this arrival of understanding of the human condition able to immediately transform your and every other humans’ life? How do you immediately transform your life from an insecure, psychologically embattled, upset state where you were deriving reinforcement for your sense of goodness and worth by winning as much power, fame, fortune and glory as you could, or by taking up support of some pseudo idealistic cause like religion or socialism or environmentalism or feminism or political correctism or post-modernism or multiculturalism or anti-capitalism? To address this, I need to really drive home the fundamental situation you and every other human is now in: the battle for every human to prove his or her worth is over. In fact, to continue fighting to prove we are good and not bad when our fundamental goodness has been established is not only obviously pointless but also unnecessarily destructive of ourselves, everyone around us and of our world. That way of living is completely obsoleted, finished with. But when you are already resigned to living in denial of the human condition and have spent your entire adult life trying to sustain your sense of worth by seeking power, fame, fortune and glory, or by supporting upset-relieving pseudo idealistic causes, can that way of living suddenly be abandoned? Can humans give up a highly habituated existence from living competitively and selfishly to living cooperatively and lovingly, or, in the case of supporters of pseudo idealism, change from masquerading as an idealist to living honestly with the truth of their corrupted condition?
The answer is a resounding yes…’

Because what Jeremy has provided us all with is the whole truth about the inner world, our psych, if we adopt a rational approach to dealing with that truth, it explains both the subjective and objective reality of human existence — who we are and why we are here. Now, my personal experience is that it can take time for the process to make deeper sense of one’s own reality. But it is time spent connected with the information that will quicken the realisation and bring relief and understanding to the personal and in turn the outer world.

Please feel free to contact me through this website to discuss these and other insights from Jeremy Griffiths work.

September 2020

Connecting: Friends from Sydney visit WTM NQ

A few weeks back, when the Queensland state border was open (before Covid struck again), two of the WTM founding members from Sydney, Genevieve Salter and Connor FitzGerald, were able to visit North Qld. I had met both when I was in Sydney last and as it was their first time to this area I was keen to catch up with them and showcase some of the natural wonders that North Qld offers. I was very excited knowing we would engage in conversation about all things ‘World Transformation Movement’-wise, and the information that we support too. Our weekend together did not disappoint: the weather was perfect for exploring the natural world and the time spent communicating our love for the support of the information was real and nourishing.

One thing I have learnt in my short time with these understandings is that communicating with others who have grasped and are learning the truth about our human condition is immensely helpful in processing the revealing insights. The experience and encouragement from founding members who have had years absorbing the information is of the utmost value and deeply appreciated.

Jeremy describes a lot about 'the wonderful empathy and equality of goodness and fellowship that understanding of the human condition now allows us to feel for our fellow humans' throughout his work. Becoming a supporting member of the WTM does give you a taste of this reality. Here is a link to the transformation page where you can find affirmation videos from some of the founding members. Genevieve and Connor’s video being number 4 and 20 respectively. Thanks for visiting Weavy and Con, a memory I will cherish.

WTM members Genevieve Salter, Connor FitzGerald and Joseph Ahie in north Qld

July 2020

This is happening!

What I find really exciting is the truth of how the future unfolds now the real understanding of our human condition is revealed. One particular insight from Jeremy I appreciate knowing is the way the whole integrated truth of human meaning will be accepted universally. From FREEDOM, Chapter 9:9, par 1236 ‘How the Transformed Lifeforce Way of Living will quickly repair the world’: “Although this new world for humans, which the World Transformation Movement has been established to facilitate, will, as has been stated, have a slow beginning because humans initially find it difficult even taking in or ‘hearing’ discussion about the human condition, once the WTM is discovered, word of it and what it offers every human and the world will spread like wildfire—as the exceptional denial-free thinking prophet Teilhard de Chardin wrote, ‘The Truth has to only appear once… for it to be impossible for anything ever to prevent it from spreading universally and setting everything ablaze’ (Let Me Explain, 1966; tr. René Hague et al., 1970, p.159 of 189).” (click here).

The ease of experiencing and participating in these understandings is becoming evident in the number of WTM centres opening worldwide now.

Walking path in Cairns with mountains in the background

I encourage the reader to investigate the centre websites to get the benefits of hearing the enthusiasm which the many founders from different countries and backgrounds who have discovered the wonder and understanding that unites us all express. Experience more of the excitement here: www.humancondition.com/transformation/#wtm-centres-launch

And as always, if your in FNQ and want to communicate more about these amazing insights please do via this website’s contact page. All the best exploring.

June 2020

A walk in North Qld

Right now the weather is perfect for walking and enjoying the natural wonders of NQ. Another thing to be grateful for is the time that I have to spend absorbing the brilliance of the information that can finally end the turmoil and suffering in the world. Having the technology on tap via the WTM website podcasts https://www.humancondition.com and new WTM app makes the ease of access to the information very comfortable. On this particular walk I listened to the highly recommended latest addition to the website — ‘THE Interview’. For myself now there is no better way to start the day than with physical exercise (the walk), emotional peace (the views) and mental relief (the information). If you are here in the north and want to talk more about this information about our human condition please feel free to contact me via our WTM NQ contact page.

Walking path in Cairns with mountains in the background

April 2020

The Power of Art

After reading FREEDOM for the first time I wanted to surround myself with the truths that had been revealed in it. I found one way to do that was with the posters that are freely available to view, download and share from the World Transformation Movement website. A lot of the posters are of Jeremy’s artwork which I find helpful for contemplating and absorbing the truth of the information. Jeremy’s drawings combined with the information give a deep descriptive way to access and appreciate the truth. A lot of the art is incorporated within the books and essays but as posters displayed around my home the artwork provides moments for a type of contemplative meditation which is a gentle way to work with the information. In Freedom Essay 44 Jeremy writes about the power of art; he is referring to the work of great painters and musicians though I feel the same applies to his art. He writes ‘One benefit of arts like painting and music over the written or spoken arts was that truth about our corrupted condition and lost sensitivities that are denied or blocked-out when we resigned could be more openly acknowledged because such truths weren’t being presented in too direct and thus too confronting a way. More truth has been able to be revealed through artistic mediums that weren’t too explicit.’

World Transformation Movement Freedom pictures on the kitchen fridge

No better place to introduce friends to the ‘Adam Stork Story’ and describe ‘Getting Out Of Your Bubble’ diagram then the kitchen fridge.

World Transformation Movement Freedom pictures on the bathroom wall

A great place to contemplate ‘Humanity’s Journey’ in the bathroom while washing your hands again and again and again.

World Transformation Movement Freedom pictures on the livingroom wall

Waking view of ‘Humanity’s Liberation’ and the ‘Sunshine Highway’ posters. A great way to start the day.

Alongside the personal benefits I feel, placing WTM posters strategically in your home can provide an opening for discussion about the art with visitors.

Here is another great link to more artwork and an interesting essay written by a founding member describing Jeremy’s art and inspiration giving more insight into the character of the artist as well.

March 2020

At Work with FREEDOM

I am fortunate to be able to have a copy of FREEDOM beside me on most of my working days. In doing so the book becomes exposed to numerous travellers which sometimes sparks a conversation about FREEDOM and the WTM. I also have the privilege of delving into the beautiful depths of FREEDOM’s words on my daily rest breaks. I am always looking forward to the day when passengers board my coach and recognise already the wonder of FREEDOM and we will share in the excitement of that understanding and recognition. Happy transforming travels on the sunshine highway.

Freedom book on dashboard of coach

December 2019

Read Joseph Ahie’s answer to the question What is the World Transformation Movement?, as he explains that, ‘The individual journey with this appreciation is the transformation of self. The collective movement is the transformation of the world. The WTM is a natural development of these truths being revealed.’

Connecting: A trip to the WTM Sydney Centre

In early December 2019 I arranged to visit the WTM Sydney Centre to coincide with a WTM general meeting over the weekend of the 7th.

I want to write this so it may help others make another step towards connecting with the WTM. I understand the difficulty that may occur when making that next step. It took me quite some time after reading Jeremy’s books and searching through the WTM website absorbing the information before I felt secure enough within myself to reach out and make a commitment to do what I can to support the WTM.

I knew that when organising the trip south that making that connection with the WTM Sydney Centre was stepping in the right direction for my personal journey with the truth of our human condition — as well as the bigger, important picture of learning how to assist the WTM with the project of getting the information to others.

From the moment I was picked up to the moment I was dropped off I experienced the joy of kindness and understanding what living surrounded by people who know the truth of our human condition can be. It was this experience that I felt meeting every single person over the weekend. Sharing this experience with members from the WTM centres Melbourne and Ballarat, the Akritidis family and Angela, enhanced the wonder and excitement of connecting.

Every moment we had together was wonderfully learning and healing whilst cementing our commitment to understanding what our purpose as the ‘conduit generation’ is; that once a grasp of the truth is made, you can decide to let the information flow through you, like water through a conduit, to be passed on to others. Supporting the WTM in whichever way we can will help others on their path of understanding in turn freeing generations to come from the bonds of the human condition.

  • Group photo in studio after the Global Transformation Meeting

    Group photo after the Global Transformation Meeting

  • Joseph with World Transformation Ballarat Centre founder Angela laughing

    Joseph with Angela Ryan, founder of the WTM Ballarat Centre

  • People looking at film camera in studio during the Global Transformation Meeting

    Watching people participating in the GTM discussion through video conferencing

There was so much goodness that happened over the weekend. From meeting and hearing Jeremy speak, to sitting in person together at the WTM general meeting, to sharing meals, conversations and laughter with new but somehow old friends, to it all satisfying a deep longing to be truly connected being the human sense of belonging. I will always remember the weekend in a most precious way, ending the year with clarity and knowing how to start the decade 2020 with new meaning: one by staying connected, and two by helping others connect with the WTM.

Thank you all friends good folk of the World Transformation Movement Sydney and the connecting centres around the world.


November 2019

The book FREEDOM on Cairns beach

“This book has so much love and understanding in it!!!!” #WhereAreYouReadingFREEDOM?

Jeremy Griffith’s book FREEDOM: The End Of The Human Condition presents the biological explanation of the human condition needed for the complete understanding of human behaviour and the ultimate amelioration of all the underlying psychosis in human life!

Summary of FREEDOM's contents:

Chapter 1.

An analysis of the true nature of the human condition and our species’ intrinsic fear of the subject, and a summary of the understanding that is able to end the underlying insecurity and resulting psychosis of everyone’s condition and, through doing so, transform every human into a new, human-condition-free person.

Chapter 2.

Why and how biologist E.O. Wilson and the rest of mechanistic science have been leading humanity to terminal alienation.

Chapter 3.

The truthful, human-condition-confronting, fully accountable, psychosis addressing-and-solving, real biological explanation of the human condition.

Chapter 4.

The teleological meaning of human existence.

Chapter 5.

How humans acquired their altruistic moral soul.

Chapter 6.

Mechanistic science’s dangerous denial of the nurturing origins of humans’ moral nature.

Chapter 7.

The fully accountable biological explanation for how, why and when humans became conscious.

Chapter 8.

The denial-free account of our species’ heroic journey from ignorance to enlightenment.

Chapter 9.

How this psychosis-addressing-and-explaining, real biological explanation of the human condition heals our species’ upset and transforms the human race.

September 2019

The North Queensland WTM Centre sends a huge congratulations to Angela Ryan on opening a new WTM Centre in Ballarat, Victoria! A lawyer who previously completed a Bachelor of Science in Rehabilitation and Human Services from Penn State University in the United States (where she was born and raised), Angela has always sought to understand the REAL answers about human behaviour, and so was incredibly excited to come across this information that actually makes sense of the world we live in; as she said: ‘I am so glad that I am alive today to witness this monumental moment in our Earth’s history, where everyone in the world will soon begin to understand the dignifying and redeeming biological truth about us humans!’ Visit www.wtmballarat.com to learn more about Angela and the new Centre.

Angela Ryan launch video for the World Transformation Movement Ballarat Centre

August 2019

The WTM recently hosted a wonderfully exciting Global Transformation Meeting. The highlights are in the video below, including a beautiful comment from Joseph on the overwhelming excitement and extraordinary fellowship this information brings about!! You can also watch highlights from other meetings here.